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Our Appellate Approach

Proven Success

An appellate attorney is a lawyer who focuses on handling cases in the appellate, which is a court that reviews decisions made by lower courts (also called "trial" courts).

Appellate attorneys work to reverse or modify decisions made in lower courts by reviewing the legal arguments and evidence presented in the trial court and arguing to the appellate court that the trial court was somehow mistaken, or that a party is entitled to a different result.

Our skills in legal research, writing, and oral advocacy are second to none! We work closely with attorneys and clients to develop a strategy for your appeal, review the trial court record and transcripts, research legal issues, and prepare written briefs and oral arguments that effectively argue our clients' positions. 

Our appellate practice has experience both in civil and criminal legal settings. And, we have represented businesses, government entities, and individuals before the Appellate Court. Our success is based upon our deep understanding of the law and ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts to our clients, judges, and other lawyers.


Legal Services

Let us Help You Succeed on Appeal

Witness In Courtroom

Appellate Advocacy

Our experience makes the difference in your case. Appeals are our bread and butter, and we truly enjoy getting into the details of a complex issue. We are proud of our skills in research, writing, and oral advocacy, and our track record of success justifies it.

Typing on a Keyboard

Ghost-Writing Services

Appeals can be intimidating and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. We offer ghost-writing services so that you can take full advantage of our expert guidance and experience, but still maintain control of the client and the case.

Making Notes

Research and Analysis

The best appeal is one where you have a good idea on the result before filing. Our approach includes communication and consultation throughout the entire appeal process, and we are happy to customize our services to your unique needs. We pride ourselves on superior research and analytical skills that we would be happy to place at your disposal.

The Illinois Court System


The Circuit (Trial) Courts

The first level in the Illinois Courts, and the one most people are familiar with, is the Circuit or Trial Courts. This is the level where judges and lawyers conduct trials, present and admit evidence, and listen to the issues and make decisions. This is also where juries are empaneled, weigh evidence, and render verdicts. Everything starts at the trial court level, no matter what the case.


The Appellate Court

While people like to say the Appellate Court is "above" the trial court; a more accurate description is "next to" the trial court, but reviews trial court decisions. Issues are generally decided regarding whether mistakes were made at the trial level. If a mistake is made, the Appellate Court can provide relief to the appellant. There are five Districts of the Appellate Court in Illinois, each having jurisdiction in its own geographic area. Though governed by the same rules, sometimes, the Districts make decisions that would appear to conflict with one another. On the other hand, the Courts often cite decisions made by their fellow Districts to keep a uniform system of State law.


The Illinois Supreme Court

The highest Court in the Illinois Court system is the Illinois Supreme Court. Seven Justices elected from around the State hear issues, resolve discrepancies between the Districts, and decide cases that can affect the fundamental rights of citizens. The Supreme Court is the final determiner and protector of rights in the State, and to advocate for those interests in front of the Court is a true honor and privilege for any lawyer. The Illinois Supreme Court is also the administrative body that provides for lawyers and judges, having the ultimate power over who is allowed to practice law in the State.

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